A Bit About Us

We are cutting through the Stereotypes - want to join us?

"What started as a hobby, ended as a lifeline" 

S;Types is part of the Little Beam Ltd group. It was started in May 2021 as a collaboration between two educators, activists and authors as a way of educating, supporting and guiding all beings to look BEYOND the stereotypes.

We see people for being beautiful inside and out regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, religion, background, medical diagnosis or any other stereotypical label that is in this world.


Having worked for years in education within the Elite Sport setting, Kerry Hearsey made the bold move to set up her own Coaching company, Kerry Hearsey Coaching, in April 2019. However, her passion still lay with creativity, art, photography and accessing the inner child within as a means to help and support others. Having struggled for years with her own Mental Health, and having been misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 18, Kerry found that the hobby she once loved and lost as a child would become a lifeline to self-discovery, healing and connection with those around her through S;Types.

As a Headteacher and Behaviour Specialist, renowned in the field of Primary Education, Tracey Lawrence has written Award-Winning books to help support, inspire and motivate Childen, Parents and Educators with a series of publications including Behaviour Management, Phonics, #BreakingTheSilence and, in collaboration with Kerry, Mental Health & Wellbeing short books. 

Every part of the Little Beam Ltd group, whether S'Types, Kerry Hearsey Coaching or Little Beam Books, aims is to reach out to as many people possible, to raise a smile through clothing and apparel and to bring warmth and awareness to the difficult issues faced through life and, in turn, provides support for all those around us, from all walks of life.

Kerry and Tracey both live and work in Leicestershire, England.

For more information on our founders, check out:

TRACEY LAWRENCE - wwwlittlebeam.co.uk

KERRY HEARSEY - www.kerryhearsey.com